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STRATA Incorporates Sustainability Measures

STRATA is dedicated to promoting sustainable business practices and facilitating more environmentally responsible communities. In order for us to reduce our environmental footprint, we must engage employees and clients alike in support of our efforts, as well as contribute to the efforts of others. STRATA has already set forth the following measures:
-Cut energy consumption and office waste with a company-wide recycling plan
-Transition to paperless deliverables for clients and for internal office communications
-Engage employees and clients across our 10 offices and regional influences in our efforts
-Engage our organization in supporting the sustainability efforts of others
For our sustainability efforts to succeed, client engagement and acceptance of our electronic deliverables is necessary. We hope to influence future business practices and desire to team with like-minded owners and contractors to positively impact our environment.

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Personnel Make a Difference

For forty years now, STRATA has provided professional environmental, engineering, geotechnical engineering, construction engineering, construction inspection, and construction materials testing services for a wide variety of clients across many service sectors including industrial, energy, commercial, municipal, and transportation. Our level of professionalism is unmatched, evidenced by our award-winning project delivery and superior client references/retention. Our teaming approach put forth on every project exceeds client expectations time and time again.
Discover our innovation. Innovation combined with technical expertise results in creative, timely, and cost-effective solutions to both common and uncommon problems inherent to most projects. Our paperless delivery and data management programs provide our clients seamless, real-time data affording them the power to make logical decisions, incorporate best practices in every facet of a project, and demonstrate true success from start to completion.
Vested ownership is the cornerstone to our success. Cross-pollination of vested interests with our VALUE PROPOSITION creates professional members striving to exceed both professional and client expectations. This theme resonates across each service line and throughout each of our 13 locations. Experience the STRATA difference!

Cost Benefit

How can STRATA provide a COST BENEFIT to your project? Breadth and depth in technical expertise, proactive client and project engagement, transparent communication and project delivery. Project after project, we bridge the gap between owners and builders resulting in substantial cost savings AND a product that exceeds design intent. In some cases, the realized project savings have exceeded the entire cost for our services!

Teaming with STRATA

STRATA promotes a TEAM approach to every project. We recognize the benefits to proactive partnering with each member of a project team. We continually seek clientele that understand and demonstrate a TEAM approach. STRATA has a long list of successful projects delivered via a solid TEAM. Discover the multitude of benefits in invoking STRATA as part of your TEAM!

Effective Management

Our Project Managers exercise Effective Management on every project, regardless of size or complexity. How does STRATA provide Effective Management for your project? Proactive scheduling, project personnel continuity – right person/right job, and consistency in project personal – avoiding the “new face/new day” syndrome. STRATA’s Effective Management increases project efficiency and very often results in completing our work under budget.